International Conference on Aluminium Alloys (ICAA)

ICAA is the renowned series of International Conferences on Aluminium Alloys. It provides a forum for scientists and experts from universities and industrial and other research laboratories to present and discuss new developments in the science and technology of aluminium alloys, on their production, processing and physical metallurgy of semis and their broad applications. It gives a unique view on the actual R&D developments and scientific progress and offer a global perspective on the current focus of research and development with in-depth understanding of conventional and advanced aluminium alloys, processes, products and applications, also supporting computational modeling across entire processes. The ICAA conferences specifically promote interaction and contacts between scientists and industrial producers and users of Aluminium.

The conferences attendance lies between 200 to 400 participants, mostly well balanced between industry and academia, promoting strong interaction and long-term connection between the two. It also encourages active participation of students, boding well for the next generation of professionals in the Aluminium producing and application industry. Selected excellent keynote presentations on market areas for aluminium such as aerospace, packaging, building and construction, and transport, as well as scientific and technology-based overviews, always provide broad perspective.

Many industrial presentations relate to work on gaining a deeper insight into fairly conventional alloys, covering all alloy systems. With improved scientific and analytical tools such as high resolution transmission electron microscopy, sophisticated texture analysis, and local elemental analysis techniques, a deeper understanding of alloys, microstructures and compositions is being developed, giving a new insight into the physical and mechanical metallurgy of aluminium and its alloys down to an atomic level, the fundamental aspects and mechanisms, up to their application in common and advanced industrial alloys and processes.

The next conference (ICAA-19) will take place in Atlanta (USA) in 2024 (link)

List of conferences and sources for proceedings

ICAA  location   year type of proceedings free access? internet resources
ICAA-1  Charlottesville  1986      
ICAA-2  Beijing 1990      
ICAA-3  Trondheim  1992 Book yes articles
ICAA-4  Atlanta  1994 Book yes articles
ICAA-5  Grenoble  1996 Journal: Materials Science Forum no book, journal / book Supplement,  journal supplement
ICAA-6  Toyohashi   1998 Book yes articles
ICAA-7  Charlottesville  2000 Journal: Materials Science Forum no book,  journal
ICAA-8  Oxford  2002  Journal: Materials Science Forum no book,  journal
ICAA-9  Brisbane  2004  Conference CD yes articles
ICAA-10  Vancouver  2006  Journal: Materials Science Forum no book,  journal
ICAA-11  Aachen  2008  Book (Wiley-VCH) no none
ICAA-12  Yokohama  2010  Conference USB stick and Journal: Materials Transactions yes articles or links to Materials Transactions
ICAA-13  Pittsburgh  2012  Conference USB stick and online book   no book & articles
ICAA-14  Trondheim  2014  Journal: Materials Science Forum no book,  journal
ICAA-15  Chongqing  2016  Journal: Materials Science Forum no book,  journal
ICAA-16 Montréal 2018 Conference USB stick yes articles
ICAA-17 Grenoble (virtual conference 2020 MATEC Proceedings yes articles
ICAA-18 Toyama 2022 Journal: Materials Transactions yes articles
ICAA-19 Atlanta 2024 to come

no access / access via subscription only / free access

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