Committees iii
Preface v
Overview vi
Opening Session and Keynote Lectures
Early and Recent Research on Aluminum in Japan 3
Y. Murakami
The Status of the Aluminum Industry in Japan 15
E. Usnui
Aluminum Alloys for Automobile Applications 25
A. Morita
Bulk Amorphous and NanocrystaIIine AI-Based Alloys with High Strength 33
T. Masumoto and A. Inoue
Invited Lectures
Thixocasting of Aluminum Alloys: From Microstructure in the Semi-Solid
State to Mechanical Properties 51
Advanced Sheet Metal Forming of Aluminum Alloys 63
H. Ohsawa and H. Nishimura
Control of Precipitation Processes and Properties in Aged Aluminum Alloys by
Trace Element Additions 75
I.J. Polmear
Phase Diagram, Solidification and Heat Treatment of Aluminum Alloys 87
C. Sigli, L. Maenner, C. Sztur and R. Shahani
Recovery and Recrystallization in AI Alloys Fundamentals and Practical
Applications 99
H.J. McQueen and W. Blum
Modelling Recovery and Recrystallization, Applied to Back-Annealing of
Aluminium Sheet Alloys 113
J.A. Saeter, B. Fordbord, H. E. Vatne and E. Nes
Fracture Characteristics of Aluminum Casting Alloys 127
T. Kobayashi
Developments in the Friction Stir Welding of Metals 139
E. D. Nicholas
Environmentally Assisted Cracking of Aluminum Alloys in Chloride Solutions 153
R. Braun
Aluminum Alloy Chemistry-Microstructure Design and Realization with 165
C. Q. Chen
Casting and Solidification
Continuous Cast Can Body Stock Alloy and Process Development 175
R.G. Kamat
Strengthening Mechanisms in a Twin Roll Cast AA8006 Alloy 183
B. Forbord, 0. Daaland and E. Nes
Particle Coarsening and Subgrain Growth in a Twin Roll Cast AA8006 Alloy 189
B. Forbord, 0. Daaland and E. Nes
Fabrication of Thin Aluminum Alloy Slabs by Electromagnetic Casting 195
S. Kamado, T. Kosaka, Y. Kabayama, Y. Kojima, T. Muramatsu and M. Matsuo
Characterization of Partially Homogenized 2x24 Ingot 201
R.T. Shuey, T.N. Rouns, D.J. Chakrabarti and J.L. Murray
A Model of Grain Refinement Mechanism for Adding AI-Ti-B Master Alloys
into Aluminum 207
H. Jin
Microstructure and Grain Refining Efficiency of TiC Particles in AI-Ti-C
Grain Refining Master Alloys 213
C.M Small, P.B. Prangnell, F.H. Hayes and A. Hardman
The Effect of Scandium on the Solidification Behaviour of Aluminium Alloys 219
A.F. Norman and P.B. Prangnell
Influence of Glass-cloth Size on Liquid Metal Distribution in the Sump of Slab
DC Casting 225
K. Tokuda, M. Morishita and S. Oie
Prediction of Porosity Content and Distribution in AI-4.4%Mg DC Slab 231
H. Nagaumi, K. Komatsu alld N. Hagisawa
Evaluation and Application of Heat-Transfer Coefficients at thc Die/Spots
Spray in Die Casting 237
S. Sanakanishi, Y. Ogawa, A. Barajima, K. Anzai and H. Kubo
Equilibrium between Silicon and Calcium in Molten Aluminum 243
M. Nagao and S. Nishi
Filtration Behaviors of Inclusions in Liquid Aluminium with Rigid Media 249
S. Nawata, S. Ushino and E. Sagisaka
Influcncc of Moltcn Mctal Flow on thc Characteristics of Ingot Cast by
Moving Mold Casting Process 255
H. Matsuzaki, K. Sakaguchi and K. Yoshikawa
Development of Injection Molding Technology Using Aluminum Sludge 261
F. Fukumoto, S'. Mekarn and T. Yonaha
Measuring Feeding in Aluminium Alloys 267
T. Magnusson, P.A. Tondel and L. Amberg
Accelerating Bridgman Solidification of AI-3wt% Fe Alloys Containing
1wt% Cu, Mg, Si or 0.1wt% V 273
Y. Wang, H. Jones, P. V. Evans and R. Hamerton
A Model of the Interfacial Heat Transfer Coefficient During the Solidification 279
of an AI-Si Alloy
W.D. Griffiths
Analysis of the Thixoextrusion of AI-4.Swt% Cu Alloy 285
B. C. Lancini, E.J. Zoqui and M. H. Robert
Semi-Solid Forming of A390 Hyper-Eutectic Aluminum Alloy 291
R.S. Rachmat, N. Bunname, S. Kamado and Y. Kojima
Continuous Casting of Semisolid AI-Si-Mg Alloy 297
T. Motegi, N. Ogawa, K. Kondo, C. Liu and S. Aoyama
Semi-solid Solidification Structure in Grain-Refined AI-7% Si-3% Cu Alloy 303
K. Tahara, H. Tezuka, T. Sato and A. Kamio
Microstructure Changes of Partial Re-melting Reinforced A319 Alloy for
Diesel Cylinder Heads  309
M. Kitamura, W-S. Liu, S. Tohriyama, T. Sato and A. Kamio
New Melting and Squeeze Casting System for High Quality AI Casting 315
Y. Takebayashi, M Tanahashi and T. Takahashi
Changes in Microstructure and Hardness during Properzi Process of 6151
Aluminum Alloy Wire Rod for Forging 321
H. Takai, Y. Kishikawa, H. Anada, S. Saji, and A. Yoshida
High Speed Roll Caster for Aluminum Alloy Strip 327
T. Haga, M Kouda, T. Kobashi, H. Motoyama, N. Inoue and S. Suzuki
Influence of Solution Heat Treatment Time and Temperature on the Eutectic
Silicon Particles in AISi Foundry Alloys 333
L. Pedersen and L. Arnberg
The Quantitative Analysis of a -AIFeSi Ratio in a 6063 Aluminum Alloy Billet
by X-Ray Diffraction 339
T. Minoda, H. Hayakawa and H. Yoshida
Nodularization of a -AIFeSi Compounds in Pure Aluminum 345
T. Motoi, K. Fukuoka and H. Yoshida
Application of Fractional Crystallization for Refining of Molten Aluminium
Scrap 351
T. Sotome and M. Ohtaki
Application of Some Vacuum Distillation Process to Refine Zn from Aluminum
Scrap 357
M. Ohtaki and H. Kudou
Prediction of Butt Curl during EM Casting of Aluminium Ingots 363
R. Biel, W. Boender, C. Castelijns, A. Burghardt and J. Storm
Processing of Metal Forming
Microstructure and Deformation Resistance in Rolling of Aluminium Foil 371
H. Abral, J. Kroc, W. Blum and J. Hirsch
The Effect of Forming Condition on Ironing Formability of Can Body Stock 377
K. Kuroda, M. Koide alld T. Inaba
Controlling the Formability and Strength of AI-Mg-Si Alloys 383
S. J. Harris, B. Noble, D. G. McCartney, X.J. Jiang and Y. Xie
Contribution to the Modelling of Microstructure Evolution during
Thermomechanical Processing of Commercial Purity Aluminium 389
G. Liserre and M. Goncalves
Analysis of a Hot Rolling Schedule for Commercial Aluminium-1%
Magnesium Alloy in Terms of Dynamic Material Modeling Concepts. Part I :
Description of the Constitutive Behavior 395
E. S. Puchi, C. Villalobos and M.H. Staia
Analysis of a Hot Rolling Schedule for Commercial Aluminium-1%
Magnesium Alloy in Terms of Dynamic Material Modeling Concepts. Part II :
Determination of the Power Dissipation Efficiency 401
E. S. Puchi, C. Villalobos and M.H. Staia
Concave Circular Spinning of Circular Tube Using Disk Tools 407
M. Murata and R. Muta
Properties of Hollow Extrusion of High Strength AI-Mg-Si-Cu Alloy for
Aircraft 413
H. Sano, S. Tani, H. Yoshida, T. Minoda, T. Iwakami and Y. Yoshino
Indirect Tube Extrusion of Dispersion Strengthened Aluminium 419
K. B. Mueller and E. Hellum
The Influence of Microstructure on the Bendability of AI-Mg-Si Alloys 425
M. Saga, M. Kikuchi, Y. Zhu and M. Matsuo
Extrusion with Changing Cross Section Shape of Tube 431
M. Murata, K. Hasegawa and H. Kanafusa
Analysis of Square Tube Bending by MOS Bending Method 437
M. Murata and T. Mochizuki
Draw Bending of Aluminum Pipes using Eccentric Plug 443
S. Maki, K. Mori, T. Takeda and Y. Harada
Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of Submicrometer-Grained AI
Alloys Produced by Equal-Channel Angular Pressing 449
Z. Horita, T. Fujinami, M. Nemoto and T. G. Langdon
Effect of Temperature and Forming Rate on Formability of Aluminium Alloy
5083 Sheet 455
T. Naka and F. Yoshida
Effect of Surface Coating Lubricity on Aluminum Fin-stock Formability 461
Y. Ohta, K. Noda, K. Kamitani, Y. Mukai and K Hatanaka
Development of Hydro Mechanical Forming Technology using Aluminum
Damping Sheet for Deep Drawing Automotive Part 467
T. Sakurai and S. Yoshizawa
Shrink Hemming of Aluminum Alloy Sheet Metal 473
M. Murata and T. Nada
Determination of Constants of Constitutive Hot Working Equations and
Production of Isothermal σ X ε Curves for AI-Li Alloys 479
M. Goncalves and E. A. Simielli
Transmission Electron Microscopy of Ultraprecision and Precision AI-Mg
Alloy Machined Surface 485
T. Kaneeda, S. Yokomizo, K. Morimoto and I. Tsukuda
Drilling Temperature of AI-17%Si Alloy with HSS, Carbide and Diamond
Coated Drills 491
Q. Liu, N. Matsuda, H. Notoya, S. Yamada, N. Takano, T. Oyama and I. Tsukuda
Microstructures and Mechanical Properties
Assessment of Scandium Additions in Aluminum Alloy Design 499
H.G. Paris, T. H. Sanders, Jr. and Y. W. Riddle
Impact Tension Properties in A2091 Aluminum-Lithium Alloy 505
A. Takahashi, T. Kobayashi and H. Toda
Influence of Small Additions of Be and Zn on the Structure-Property
Relationships in an AI-Li-Cu-Mg Base 8090 Alloy 511
V. Singh, A. K. Mukhopadhyay, K. S. Prasad, C. R. Chakravorty and S. N. Tiwari
Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of AI-2.5%Cu-0.23%Sc Alloy 517
M. Nakayama, T. Okuyama and Y. Miura
Dislocation Substructures of Aluminium-Magnesium Alloys during
Thermomechanical Processing 523
Q. Zhu and C. M. Sellars
A New Method for the 3D Characterisation of Microstructure and Damage
during in situ Tensile Tests using Synchrotron X-ray Computed Tomography.
Application to AI-based Materials 529
J.-Y. Buffiére, E. Maire, P. Cloetens, J. Baruchel and R. Fougéres
Modelling Dispersoid and Constituent Particle Evolution in 3XXX Alloys 535
J. P. Suni and R. T. Shuey
Microstructure in AI-Ti Base Alloys Affected by a Repeated Working Process 541
A. Kurihara and G. Itoh
Determination of Intermetallic Compounds and Solid Solution in Aluminum
Alloys using ICP-AES after Chemical Isolation with Phenol 547
K. Kurusu, K. Tuyuki, S. Suzuki and R. Shouji
A Novel Light Optical Metallographic Technique for Revealing Grain
Structures of Aluminum Alloys 553
H. S. Yang
Comparison of Solid and Tubular Specimens in Hot Torsion Testing of an
Aluminium Alloy 559
A. Johansen, B. Ronning and N. Ryum
Effect of Microstructural variation on Mechanical Properties of Hypereutectic
Al-Si Casting Alloys 565
H. Kojima, T. Kobayashi, H. Toda and Q. Yao
Characterization by Synchrotron X-ray Microtomography of Internal
Microstructural Features and Their Detrimental Effects with Respect to the
Fatigue Properties in an Aluminium Cast Alloy 571
S. Savelli, J.-Y. Buffiére, E. Maire and R. Fougéres
Formation of Homogeneous Ultra-fine Grain Structures in Aluminium Alloys
by Equal Channel Angular Extrusion 577
A. Gholinia, J. R. Bowen, P. B. Prangnell and F. J. Humphreys
The Effect of Initial Grain Size on the Generation of High Angle Boundaries
during the Equal Channel Angular Extrusion of Aluminium to High Levels of
Plastic Strain 583
C. Harris, P. B. Prangnell and X. Duan
TEM Study of Precipitation in High-Strength 1987 Alloy Sheets After
Superplastic Forming 589
0. G. Senatorova, A. N. Uksusnikov, J. N. Fridlyander, J. Koshorst,
R. R. Romanova, N. A. Ryazanova , A. Galliot and V. V. Cherkassov
Mn, Ti, Fe Effect on Hot Shortness of AI-Cu-Mg System Alloy Located in
Phase Region α -S 595
E. F. Chirkov
Phase Transformation and Physical Properties
TTP and TTT Diagrams for Quench Sensitivity of 6013 Alloy 603
V. G. Davydov, L. B. Ber, V. N. Ananiev, E. Ya. Kaputkin and V. I. Komov
Precipitation Behavior in Al-Mg-Si Alloys 609
                                                     M.Taked, T.Shirai, S. Suhmen, K.Fukui and M. Sakaguchi  
Hardening Precipitates and Their Precursors in 7XXX-Alloys 615
K.Stiller, V.Hansen, M. Knutson-Wedel, G. Waterloo and J.Gjonnes
Guinier-Preston Zone Formation in Al-Zn-Mg-(Cu,Zr) Alloys 621
N.Q.Chinh, G. Nemeth, A.Fekete and J. Lendvai
Structure of G.P. Zone in Al-Mg2Si Alloys 627
K.Matsuda, Y. Uetani, T. Sato, A. Kamio and S. Ikeno 
Characterization by Electron Microscopy of Nucleation Sites and Phases 633
Nucleated during Quenching of an AIZnMgCu Alloy
D. Godard, G. Laposset alld H. Octor
Precipitation Behavior in High Purity AI-300 PPM Fe Alloy 639
A. Yamamoto, T Kato, H. Tsurbakino, K. Sugimoto and T. Yamanor
3DAP Study of the Effect of Mg and Ag Additions on Precipitation in AI-Cu 645
(-Li) Alloys
L Reich, M. Murayama and K. Hono
Secondary Hardening in 2090 (AI-Cu-Li) Alloy 651
X. Gao, .J.F. Nie alld B.C. Muddle
Age Hardening and Fatigue Strength of Two-Step Quenched AI-Zn Alloys 657
A. Sakakihara and T. Kanadani
Application of Differential Scanning Calorimetry to the Processing of 663
Aluminum Alloys
A.K. Gupta, A.K. Jena and D.J. Lloyd
Diffusion of Magnesium in AI-Zn-Mg Alloys 671
S. I. Fujikawa
Formation of Voids in Quenched Aluminum Dilute (Cu, Mg, Si) Alloys 677
Q. l. Chen, Y. Shimomura and I. Mukouda
Positron Annihilation Study of Vacancy Dynamics after the Solution 683
Treatment of AI-Zn-Mg Alloys
R.Ferragut, A. Somoza and A. Dupasquier
Influences of the Third Elements (Mn,Si,Ge) on Aging Process in AI-Cn Alloy 691
M. Takeda, Y. Maeda, A. Yoshida, M. Ota and M. Murakami
Effect of Li Content on Aging Responses and Mechanical Properties of an AIMg- 697
Si Alloy
B.C. Wei, Z. Huang, Y.G. Zhang, C.Q. Chen, O. Reixach and V.Ji
Thermodynamic Analysis of Li-containing AI-Mg-Si Alloys 703
R. Chen, J Y. Shen, W.D Zhuang, Z. Huang, Y. G. Zhang and C. Q. Chen
Pre-precipitation and Two-Step Aging Behavior of AI-Mg-Si Alloys 709
K. Yamada, I. Sato and A. Kamio
Effect of Homogenizing Treatment of AI-Fe-Si Intermetallic Phases in a 6063 715
Aluminum Alloy
F. Sugawara, H. Tanihata K. Matsuda and S. lkeno
Precipitation of Transition Elements during Homogenization of AI-Mg-Si-Cu 721
Alloy Billets
T. Tsuchida and S. Okaniwa
Application of Quench Factor Analysis to A356.0 and A357.0 Foundry Alloys 727
P.A. Rometsch, G.B. Schaffer, J-Y. Yao and M.J. Couper
Age Hardening Response of AISiMg Foundry Alloys 733
Y. Langsrud and S. Brusethang
Effects of Cu and Ag on Precipitation in AI-4Zn-3Mg(wt. 01.,) 739
S.K. Caraher, I.J Polmear and S.P. Ringer
Influence of Predeformation on Precipitate Coarsening in AI-Zn-Mg-Cu Alloys 745
J.A. Saeter, G. Walerloo and W.J. Poole
Dynamic Precipitation in AI-Mg- and AI-Mg-Si Alloys 751
T. Pettersen, K. Nord-Varhang and E. Nes
Precipitation Sequence during Ageing of an AI-4.2wt. tY.,Mg-O.6wt. %Cu Alloy 757
P. RaIchev, B. Verlinden, P.De Smet and P. Van Houtte
Enhanced Precipitation Hardening in AI-Mg(-Ag) Alloys 763
M. Kubola, J.F Nie and B.C. Muddle
Order Structure in the Early Stage of Phase Separation in AI-Li Alloys - a 769
Monte Carlo Study
H. Okuda and K. Osamura
Quantification of Delta' Precipitation Occurring during Low Temperature 775
Exposure of Binary AI-Li Alloys
B. Noble, S.J. Harris and K. Dinsdale
Mechanical Properties and Electrical Conductivity in Solution Treated AI-Fe- 781
Co Alloys
A. Niikura, T. Doko and K. Ishikawa
The Decomposition Process in Rapidly Quenched AILiSc Alloys 787
U.Schmidt, A.L.Beresina and A.D. Rud
Precipitation Kinetics and Mechanisms in Binary AI-Sc Alloy 793
J. Royset  and N. Ryum
Effect of Sc-Addition on thc Precipitation Behavior of an AI-Li-Mg-Cu Alloy 799
C-H.Joh.T.Katsube, K.Yamada and Y.Miura
Kinetics of Precipitation in AI -O,20 mass% Sc Alloys 805
S.-I. Fujikawa and S. Sakauchi
A Calorimetric Study of Precipitation Process in 2 Steps Aged AI-Mg-Si Alloys 811
S.-I. Fujikawa and T.Gotoh
Differential Scanning Calorimetry Study on AA6016 Alloy 817 Haan, I. Zhuang. P. De Smet, J.Bottema and W.S.Miller
Thermodynamic Factor in FeAI D03-phase Interdiffusion from X-ray Diffuse 823
V.Liubich, S.Dorfman, D.Fuks and H.Mehrer
Effect of the Precipitation on the Thermoelectric Power of AI-Mg-Si Alloys: 831
Application to the Study of thc Precipitation Kinetics
V.Massardier, T. Epicier and Merle
Atom Probe Characterization of Preprecipitate Clusters and Precipitates in AI- 837
Mg-Si(-Cu) Alloys
M.Murayama and K.Hono
Microstructural Characterisation of Some AI-Mg-Li-Si Alloys 843
W.I.Romero and H.M.Flower
Precipitation Behavior in Two Step Aged AI-MgzSi Alloy Containing Silicon in 849
T.Kawabata, K.Matsuda, T.Naoi, T.Sato, A. Kamio and S.Ikeno
The Effect of Trace Additions on the Precipitation Microstructure of an AI- 855
4.1Cu-1.6Mg Alloy
I.M. Rylands, W.M. Rainforth and H.Jones
The Crystal Structure of Beta"- phase in AI-1.0mass%Mg2Si-0.4mass%Si Alloy 861
T.Naoi,K.Matsuda, T. Sato, A. Kamio and S. Ikeno
Corrected Nordheim's Law for Aluminum Base High Concentration Solid 867
S. Komatsu, M. Ikeda, T. Kohmoto and H. Yukimachi 
Electronic Stlructures of Precipitate-Hardening Phases in Aluminium Alloys 873
M. Kishimoto, H. Yukawa and M. Mormaga
Hydrogen Transport in a 5083 Aluminum Alloy 879
T.Ihara and G.Itoh
Effect of the Surface Layer on thc Fatigue Strength of an AI-3mass% Mg Alloy 885
T.Tanimoto, A. Sakakibara, N. Hosokawa, N. Nishida and T.Kanadani
Effects of a Small Addition of Fe on Low Temperature Age-Hardening and 891
Fatigue Strength of an AI-12mass%Zn Alloy
K. Nakagawa, T. Kanadani, N. Hosokawa and T. Tanimoto
Phase Transformation Study of Two Aluminium Strip-Cast Alloys 897
M. SJamova, V. Ocenasek, P. Dvorak and Z. .Juricek
A DSC Study of Precipitation in AI-Cu-Mg Alloys 903
G. Riontino, S. Abis and C. Bottero
Plasticity and Strengthening
Quasistatic Deformation Behaviour of Dispersion Hardened Aluminium 911
I. Kröpfl, K-H. Lang, O. Vöhringer and E. Macherauch
Plastic Deformation and Dislocations in AI-Based Cubic lntermetallics 917
K. Fukunaga, M. Hashimoto, K. Yamada and Y. Miura
Superplastic Forming of a 6XXX Aluminum Alloy 923
L.P. Troeger and E.A. Starke, Jr.
The Development of Hierarchical Dislocation Substructure in Aluminium 931
Deformed at an Elevated Temperature
P.Cizek, B.P. Wynne, M.Kubota and B.A. Parker 
Properties of Semiproducts of 1460 Alloy (AI-Cu-Li-Sc) and 1421 Alloy 937
(AI-Mg-Li-Sc) at 293K and 77K
.J.N. Fridlyander and W. Bozich
On the Strengthening of Aluminium Alloy 6056T6 943
M. Vivas, P.Lours, C. Levaillant, M-.J. Casanove, A. Couret and A. Coujou
Intermediate to Very High Strain Rate Behaviour of Aluminium Alloys 949
L. Djapic Oosterkamp, T. Furu, H.E. Vatne and A. Ivankovic
Strength Ductility and Fractal Characteristics of an AI-0.57Si-2.03Ge Alloy 955
O.A. Hilders 
Effect of Alloying Elements on High-Strain-Rate Behaviour in Recycled AI-Fe- Si System Alloys
F. Westvold, B. Andersson, Y. Langsrud and J.D. Evensen 961
Statistical Analysis of Serration Size in AI-Li Single Crystals 967
B. Tian, C. Chen and Y. Zhang
Yield Point Elongation in AI-Mg Alloys 973
A. Inagaki, T. Komatsubara and H. Inagaki
Plastic Instabilities in AI-Cu, AI-Mg and AI-Si Alloys Investigated by Dynamic 979
Ultra Micro-Hardness Testing
N. Q. Chinh, F. Csikor, G. Berces alld.J. Lendvai
The Heat Treatment Effect on Thermal Stability of AI-Li Alloys at Low 985
V.G. Davydov, L.B. Ber, V.N. Ananiev, A.J. Orozov and M. V Samarina
Effect of Solute Concentration on Work Hardening by Cold Rolling 991
S Komatsu, M. Ikeda, T. Miyashita, H. Yukimachi and T. Ikeda
FE Analysis of Damage Evolution during the Deep Drawing of Textured 997
Aluminum Sheets
J.G. Hu T.lshikawa, J..J.Jonas, N. Yukawa and K. Ikeda
STM Observation of Localized Deformation Near Grain Boundaries in AI- 1003
1 mass% Mg2Si Alloys with Various Amount of Copper
F. Ohara, Y. Uetani, K. Matsuda, F. Shinagawa and S. lkeno
The Effects of Magnesium and Copper Contents on the Restoration during 1009
Hot Deformation of AI-Mg-Cu Alloys
K. Takiguchi, H. Uchida and H. Yoshida
Effect of Impurity Content on the Initial and Saturation Mechanical 1015
Threshold of Aluminum
E.S. Puchi, C.Villalobos, M.H. Staia and J. Machado
Effects of Traces Calcium and Strolltium on Hot Ductility of all AI- 1021
5.5mol%Mg Alloy
K. Horikawa, S. Kuramoto and M. Kanno
High Temperature Erichsen Tests of Aluminum Alloy Sheets 1027
M. Sugamata, .J. Kaneko and M. Numa
Mechanical Softening Kinetics at High Temperatures in an AIMgZnCu Alloy: 1033
Experimental Characterization and Microstructural Interpretation
D. Godard, P.Archambault, J. P. Houin, E. Gaulier and F. Heymes
Impact Tension Testing of Sheet AI Alloys for Automobile Structural Uses 1039
T. Yokoyama and K. Ohkubo
Effect of Recrystallization Temperature on Microstructures and 1045
Superplasticity of 2091 AI-Li Alloy
B-I. Zhang, M-G. Tseng, X-J. Niu and S-P. Ge
Superplasticity over Wide Ranges of Temperature and Strain Rate in a 5083 1051
Aluminum Alloy
Y. Takayama, T.Tozawa, H. Kato, H. Watanabe and M. Kokubo
Microstructure Evolution of an AI-Zn-Mg-Cu Alloy during Superplastic 1057
D. Jiang Y. Guo, X Liu, X. Yang, Y. Cui and T.Imai
The Effect of SiC Particles Volume Fraction on Hot Deformation Behavior of 1063
AA 2024 Composites Reinforced with SiC Particles
B-C.Ko and Y-C.Yoo
The Effect of Hardening Heat Treatment on the Tensile Strength and Earings 1069
of AA 3104 Aluminum Alloy Sheet
Y.H. Chung, K.K.Cho, C. W. Lee and M.C. Shin
Paint-Baking Properties of AI-Mg Alloys with Addition of Cu 1075
B. Verlinden, P. Ratchev, P. De Smet and P. Van Houtte
Effect of Thermal Exposure on the Strength-Toughness Behavior of Elevated 1081
Temperature Service Aluminum Alloys
M. S. Damack, D.L Dicus, R.A. Edahl and D.J. Chellman
Effects of Mm (Misch Metal) Addition on Precipitation Behaviors in AI-Mg-Si 1087
Alloys with Excessive Mg.
S-D. Park, J-B. Seo and H-K. Cho
Influence of Temperature and Strain Rate of Tensile Test on Serration in 2017 1093
Aluminum Alloys
Y.Yamada and H. Inagaki
Mechanical Strength of Single Riveted Lap Joint AI Plates with Flowdrill 1099
H.Kagawa and K.Satoo
High Strength 7XXX Alloys for UItra-Thick Aerospace Plate: Optimisation of 1105
Alloy Composition
R. Shahani, T Warner, C. Sigli, P. Lassince alld P. Lequen
Effect of Thermo-Mechanical Treatment on Strength and Ductility of 2024AI- 1111
3Fe-5Ni PM Alloy
T. Aida, K. Matsuki, R. Kitano, T. Yokote, J. Kusui and K. Yokoe
Flow Stress Behaviour of AIZnMg Alloys at Temperatures Close to the Solidus 1117
B.Ronning and N. Ryum
Strain Rate Dependence of Impact Tensile Properties in 6061 Aluminum Alloy 1123
S. Morifa, T. Kobayashi and H. Toda
Superplasticity of 1N90 Pure Aluminum Based Composites and the 1129
Thernomechanical Processing
S.Kojima, D.Jiang, T.Imai, J.Mao, G.L´esperance and B.Hong
Superplasticity and Superplastic Deformation Mechanism of a SiCp/2024 Al 1135
Y Yan, B. Lin and C-B. Zhang
Recovery, Recrystallization and Texture
Orientation Relationships between Recrystallized Grains and Multiple Slipped 1143
Structure in Aluminum Single Crystals
K. Kashihara, M. Tagami and F. Inoko
Evaluation of Active Nucleation Mechanisms during Annealing of Commercial 1149
Purity Aluminium
L. Rabel, I. Samajdar, B. Verlinden and P. Van Houtte
Work Hardening Anisotropy Generated by Cube Texture in Commercial 1155
Purity Aluminium
B.P. Wynne, P. Cizek, C H.J. Davies, M. Kubota and B.A. Parker
Formation of Shear Texture in A5052 Sheet by Single-Roll Drive Warm 1161
T. Sakai, S. Hamada and Y. Saito
Cube Texture Evolution during Hot Plane Strain Compression of AI-Mg 1167
F. Basson, B. Chenal, C.T. Necker, J.D. Embury and J.H Driver
Grain Growth Behavior of AI-Mg Alloys 1173
K. Matsumoto, H. Morisada, I: Shibayanagi and Y. Umakoshi
Control of Recrystallization in AI-Mg-Sc-Zr Alloys 1179
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Thermal-Mechanical Processing of Electrical Conductor Grade Aluminum to 1197
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Hot Deformed AA3004
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Earing Behaviour
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Commercial Purity Aluminum
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Recrystallisation Behaviour of Aluminium-Magnesium Alloys
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Application to Grain Growth Simulation
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Modelling of Recrystallisation
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Texture in AI-Mg-Si Alloys
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Temperature Annealing
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Effects of Microstructure on Low Cycle Fatigue Properties in HIP Treated Al-
Si-Mg Base Cast Aluminum Alloys   1307
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strength Aluminum Extrusions 1313
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for Auto Body Application 1331
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System 1355
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Aircraft Applications   1361
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Processed AI-8wt%Fe Alloys 1409
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Fracture  Characteristics in a 2091 Aluminum Alloy Plate 1415
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Joining and Brazing
A  Study of Microsegregation Effects in TIG and Laser Beam Welds of an AI-
Cu-Mg  Alloy 1435
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Metal Modified with Sc and Zr  1441
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Extrusions, Welded with Different Methods 1447
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Brazing Sheet with Erichsen Formed Specimen 1513
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S45C Steel 1519
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Aluminum Alloys 1525
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Alloy 1557
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Corrosion and Surface Modification
The Impact of Energy-filtering Transmission Electron Miscroscopy for the
Study of Corrosion and Filming Behaviour of Aluminium Alloys 1565
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Brazing Sheet 1577
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in Chloride and Sulphate Media Through Phase Shifting Interferometric
Microscopy Observations 1583
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Application of Aluminum Radiator Tubes 1603
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Systems 1609
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Corrosion Resistance 7050 Aliminum Alloys 1621
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High Temperature Oxidation of Extruded Aluminum Alloys 1627
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Effects of the Processing and Magnesium Contents on the Color of Anodized
Al-Mn Sheets 1633
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Development of Aluminum Anodized Coating with Excellent Thermal
Properties 1639
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Surface Treatment 1645
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Environments 1651
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Alloys 1657
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Solution 1663
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Quench Speed And Ageing Treatment 1669
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Surface Modification of Aluminum Alloy with Nd-Yag Laser 1723
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Microstructure Control of Super-high Strength Aluminium Alloys 1755
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Treatment on the Microstructure and Properties of a Rapidly Solodified Al-
Mn-Si Alloy 1771
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Aluminum Alloy Foil Rapid Solidification 1783
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A New Structural Material For Vibration Damping-RS/PM Al-Li Alloy 1789
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Nanocomposite Ribbons 1795
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Al-Si based Casting Alloys 1799
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13%Si Ternary Alloys 1805
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Valence Electron Structure Analysis of Tetragonal Phase Al8Fe4Nd in Rapid
Solidified Al-Fe-V-Si-Nd Alloy 1811
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Response to Thermal Exposure of the Mechanically Alloyed Al-Ti/C Powders 1817
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Alloys by Mechanical Alloying 1823
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Alloying 1829
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Phases 1835
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Impact Fracture Energy 1841
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Composite Materials
Reactive Synthesis of TiC/Al Composite and Ist Mechanical Properties 1849
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Composite 1855
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Production of Ultra-Fine Grained Bulk Aluminum Alloys by Accumulative
Roll-Bending (ARB) Process 1967
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Reserch into the Application of Aluminum Door Beams for Automobiles 1997
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-Development of the Accumulative Roll-Bonding (ARB) Process- 2003
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Mn-Mg Alloy 2017
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The Effect of Grainboundary Precipitations on the Stress Corrosion Cracking
of Al-4~4.5mass%Mg Alloy 2023
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The Influence of Additional Elements of Aluminum Alloy on Machinability 2029
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Impact Lateral Compression of Thin-walled Circular Aluminum Tubes 2035
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Corrosion Resistance for Operation at Elevated and Cryogenic Temperature 2041
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of Al-Zn-Mg-Cu Alloy 2049
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O. Kato